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5848ec39-2cf8-4f8f-80a7-1c2fde24ddc4I’d like to try a little experiment. Please comment or send me mail and tell me about what game you’re making. How far along is it and what can we see right now? I would like to start talking about games that are getting made rather than abstract design questions and theory posting.

So what are you making?

I’ll try and write a post about each one, getting you some (what little I can do) visibility and maybe start discussion about the obstacles you have yet to hurdle and how we can help get around or over them.

So what are you making? Let’s all celebrate it and examine it. Stay positive, but usefully critical. I’ll moderate comments.

8 thoughts on “making stuff

  1. I’m working on a Torchbearer supplement for urban based adventures, shifting the focus from dungeon crawling. The meat is there, and I’m play testing parts of it in chunks. I need to write some more posts over on my blog about it, talking about it a little more as the rules come up in play.


    1. Sounds wonderful! I’m not familiar with Torchbearer (I’ve heard of it but never read or played it). Do you have material I could link to and write a bit about? Maybe get some fresh eyes on it from the audience here?


      1. Hmm nothing really. But maybe I’ll turn my current google doc into a PDF at some point today. Let me button up some of it and get back to you.

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  2. Been working on a few things, but the one I’m most deeply involved in playtesting and revising right now is Exhumed, a fantasy game inspired by Dark Souls and Into the Odd. (Though I’m currently wrestling with whether to diverge a bit more from the latter, as reflected on here: The most recent draft is here:

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  3. I am working, off and on, on Rusalka, a card-based GMless game about drowned women who become creepy, untrustworthy water spirits. The townsfolk visit the rusalka’s pool, asking for blessings, but the rusalka can be cruel and fickle. So far it seems to create weird, tragic, mysterious fairy tale stories pretty reliably.

    It’s sort of hitting the same wall I always hit with my game designs, where I made a good first draft and played it a few times. But now I don’t know where to go with it from there. I could put it up on my blog and/or DriveThruCards, but then it would pretty much wither away, forgotten and unplayed.

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  4. Two things:

    Further along is Lonesome World (powered by the apocalypse, one-on-one, late 19th century America). It’s a game I started for various reasons, including trying to make sense of America’s historic character, relative to today’s political climate. I’ve been play-testing Lonesome World for a few months. The bones are there, but I’m continuing research and development to ensure broad historic relevance.

    Lonesome World is available for review and play-testing:

    Less developed is Verdant Entropy, a game inspired by my childhood love of Gamma World, with a modern spin. One reason I started this is to make a game more appropriate for my kids (than Lonesome World) and to work on a theme that’s less… problematic… than late 19th century America. Verdant Entropy is mostly some concepts glued together for now (different dice system, sandbox-y setting, etc.) but I’m always curious to hear what people think:

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