So an interesting problem now (to me) is where the commentary goes. There is commentary, but it’s generally not here, which is fine because this isn’t an open forum really. Even if I open up comments it doesn’t feel like one — it feels like someone elses space. But everything is crosslinked to whatever WordPress’s limited linking capabilities provides, so that’s G+, Twitter, and Facebook basically. Not linking G+ because it’s dying nor Facebook because I don’t check it often.

Anyway, that’s where the good commentary has been.

I’ve also manually linked to Reddit and Mastodon. That’s had good commentary too but I fear that manual linking isn’t something I’m likely to maintain. And Reddit doesn’t seem like a place that will tolerate a link a day unless they are crazy interesting. If you dig something and link it there, that’s cool of course. Same with, say, — doesn’t seem appropriate somehow to link my own stuff there.

Another possibility is the VSCA discord. That’s always on but I don’t know to what degree I’m interested in moderating it. I ban pretty reflexively anyone that aggravates and I probably aggravate too easily. If discord’s your bag, the RPG Talk discord is also pretty wonderful, packed with cool people.

So in the spirit of self-reflexivity, where would you most like to engage? I’ll hunt down comments in all these places, but if there’s one place that most people go, I’ll be there.

One thing I’m not interested in is any sort of tribalism. If you have a hard-on for some place, that’s awesome. But if it means you have a hate-on for some other place, I’m not interested.

So I guess the bottom line is that I’ll follow up wherever I know there’s discussion. If you start it, hook me up and I’ll participate. Hopefully something will shake out.

6 thoughts on “commentary

  1. FB integration is seldom a fun way to read things (besides that I’m trying my damnedest to decouple from FB, which is in large part a misery and fraud engine). I know that Disqus has its proponents, but it also (like Discord) has issues with being very light on internal policing, for better or worse (worse). Discord may not be a bad idea, truth be told. Maddening that G+ is disintegrating after really never getting any support. Groups and Reader never had to suffer the indignities of this dark troll age, but they at least facilitated some form of thoughtful consumption and distribution of information.

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  2. I’m trying to revive the blogosphere. How do we make blogging great again? Writing blog posts, sure. Also, picking up topics others have written about, linking to them and writing our own blog posts. And commenting on other blog posts, maybe linking back to our own blogs. That’s what I would like to encourage. Sure, shorter comments and lively discussion will happen elsewhere. In my case, that’d probably be Mastodon. But if the discussion was worth it, then I’ll copy it to my blog for safe keeping and we’re back up there, posting and linking in the bogosphere.

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  3. I’ve been working on my blog this entire year and experience the same thing as you, where most comments happen away from the source. I’m making a concerted effort to comment on the source post, and will continue to do so.

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      1. I’d love to have a system that aggregates replies in other networks to the source post kinda like Discus, but I understand that I’d probably get a fire-breathing space unicorn first.

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  4. I’m struggling to figure this out too. Been posting thoughts simultaneously to G+ (which can’t last), MeWe (which I find grating), and The Gauntlet Slack (which I like, but is impermanent and gets very few responses to the kinds of things I post). I have joined a bunch of Discord channels and then failed to remember to open Discord again—maybe that’s the next thing to try.


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