you are my momentum


You may have noticed that the VSCA has been especially prolific this year. Years of nothing after Hollowpoint (with the bright exception of Callisto) and now suddenly two releases so far in 2018 (Elysium Flare and The King Machine) and even odds on a third. What the hell happened?

Patreon happened. There’s a link up there somewhere.

Patreon allowed me to fabricate a situation where I am beholden to others to produce. This is the single most important reason there’s new work and why there’s so much of it: those monthly charges pack in me a need to satisfy those customers. They are paying to see what I will do next. So I better get off my ass and make them something.

I would not have predicted this. Honestly, I started the Patreon just to see if there was really any interest. Any committed interest. And hopefully to scrape in a few dollars that, frankly, I can put to very good use. I got these things. But mostly I got a motivation, something that triggered my need to not let someone down. My patrons showed their trust in me. That inspired me.

So that’s where the momentum comes from. Let’s carry this on into 2019, sweep some ENnies, and then, well, I have some surprises for you. You’re going to love 2019.

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