With the pending demise of Google+ I found myself searching for a new home. And then, I found myself wondering what I meant by home.

I always reflexively thought of Google+ as my community. And so I went looking for communities. Try it some time: what you discover is that searching for a community is at least as much a search of oneself as everyone else. And what I learned is that that’s not how you wind up in a community. You don’t seek and join a community. A community is what grows organically around you.

Google+ was never really a community. It’s a personal view of a broader space full of people with their own personal view. Imagine living in a townhouse complex where you choose all your neighbours. But each neighbour sees themself living in a completely different place with different neighbours. That was the Google+ community.

And the reason it’s not actually a community is that because we don’t share our view of what the community is, we don’t share goals. We don’t support each other because we don’t even agree who we all are. We don’t band together to defend. We don’t band together at all. We occasionally connect, share fun, share pain, but these are aggregations of individual acts. There’s no community. There’s not strength in our shared experience because it’s not really shared. We have no power.

So here I’ll be posting the same sorts of things that I would post on Google+. It will mostly be about games and game design. About building the games I want to play. I have always said that if I build a game that I dig then it’s not a large leap of faith that someone else will want to play too. You can always find links to our games at https://www.vsca.ca.

This won’t be a community either. But it will be a place we can meet and chat about the things I’m interested in and optimistically assume some of you will be interested in as well. Maybe that’s the best we can do online: not fool ourselves that community is genuinely found by amalgamating a million unique experiences under one name. Maybe it can just be you caring about me and me doing my best to care about you.

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